8 Best Banh Mi Hoi An Shops Shouldn’t Miss Out

Banh Mi Hoi An is considered as “the best bread in the world”, it is a street food that most tourists want to enjoy when traveling to Vietnam.  Bread shows both the rustic and casual, and the tasty of Vietnamese cuisine. Coming to Hoi An, you shouldn’t miss these 8 Best Banh Mi Hoi An shops.

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Banh Mi Phuong – Phuong Bread – The world class delicious bread shop.

 If you try once a search on the world’s number one search engine site – Google keyword “best banh mi in Vietnam” then you will see on the first page is “Banh Mi Phuong”

It is not an exaggeration to say that Vietnam’s Phuong Bread is famous both in Vietnam and abroad. On social networks or travel websites like Tripadvisor or Foursquare, a lot of people, including foreigners, do not regret the compliment for this small bread shop.

Even though the shop is small which is located at 2B, Phan Chau Trinh Street, Hoi An, this shop is never empty. The shop usually serves from 6am – 10pm every day of the week. The menu is also very diverse with more than 20 different types of bread for customers to choose: burgers, sausages, pates, chicken with butter and salad, cheese and onions, beef rolled cheese, meat smoked, mixed …

However, the attractive thing for those small breads is the sauce. Phuong bread is coated with a homemade sauce according to a very special secret recipe. It keeps people attached to the taste of that delicious dish, not even leaving a drop of sauce to stick to their hands. Besides, the intestine also contributes an important part to create a delicious, chewy, crunchy, fragrant and delicious bread loaf. Banh Mi Phuong is often produced by family members.

Banh Mi Phuong – a delicious place to eat when traveling to Hoi An , not only captivates Vietnamese people but also foreign tourists, also loves this charming but charming dish of Vietnam. They revel in the excitement of breads with pâté, sausages, vegetables and special sauces.

The taste of those bread is hard to put into words. It gives each person a different feeling, a different emotion. A travel journalist from the famous Travelfish commented: “To know how delicious Phuong bread is, just imagine a delicious food you’ve ever tasted, and multiply it by 100 times.” Or American chef Anthony Bourdain, who is famous for the culinary television series, must say, “That’s a symphony in a sandwich!” (This is really a symphony of sandwiches!).

Besides, with a price of only 10,000 – 30,000 VND, you can enjoy a delicious loaf of bread, hot thanks to being heated on the charcoal stove. 

Phuong Bread will really awaken all your senses, creating an explosion of taste. Biting a piece of bread, you can feel the essence of Vietnamese cuisine in general and of Hoi An in particular.

Banh Mi Bich- Bich Bread

 This is also a well-known bread shop with many people because of its unique way of making pate, unlike other shop, and it doesn’t get confused with the taste of going anywhere.

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A lot of young people review when holding a loaf of bread, the filling inside has a new taste but delicious, no matter how much you eat bread, trying the Bich bread will give you a different feeling.

 Now, Bich bread is located in the front of Hoi An cinema, at 57 Phan Chu Trinh, the number of visitors to the shop is quite stable, you do not need to worry about long queues for too long, the price here is also very affordable so you do not need to hesitate when buying, especially the owners are very friendly and humorous. One more point is that the shop is not open for sale on the fifteenth of each month follows to lunar calendar, and other days, the shop is always ready to serve you!

Madame Khanh Bread – “Queen’s Bread” is famous in five continents

This bread shop is knowns as the top of the delicious bread besides 

Phuong bread in Hoi An, there is another shop that also received the appreciation that is Madame Khanh bread. At first, the delicious bread shop in Hoi An was just called Khanh bread – the name of Mrs. Loc’s husband owned the bread shop. After that, foreign guests came here to enjoy with respect and respect, which gave this bread shop a “western” name – Madame Khanh Bread or “The Banh mi Queen” (Queen’s Bread).

Madame Khanh bread is located in 135 Tran Cao Van, a small bread shop but quality, services and utilities are not small. Madame Khanh has up to 10 kinds of bread with recipes, marinated of owner over 80 years old. Mrs. Loc is famous throughout Hoi An as well as known by many foreigners not only for her delicious food, but also for being the best owner of Hoi An Street.

Customers will never forget the attentive, caring and cute of the owner, who always adds a little “thoughtfulness and joy” into each loaf of bread. For Mrs. Loc (Madame Khanh), getting up early to prepare ingredients, standing at the counter to prepare each loaf of bread for guests during the past 30 years is not only a job, but also a joy and a love for her.

Bread Madame Khanh – Hoi An – places to eat and drink in Hoi An, the cost from 10 – 20,000 VND,

Banh Mi Ba Bua – A Famous Bread with Sticky Rice In Hoi An.

In Hoi An, they love to eat bread with sticky rice or sticky rice. If you want to experience this combination, come here to enjoy the hot, fragrant, sticky rice with delicious bread or hot dumplings, fat panther and bread, to say it is a harmony. Perfect for breakfast, not only full but also delicious. Address enjoying famous sticky bread is 117 Nguyen Truong To!

Banh Mi Co Lanh – Ms.Lanh Bread.

Not famous all over the world, such as Phuong bread and Madame Khanh bread, Ms. Lanh bread is one of the best bread shop in Hoi An. This bread shop is located to the east of Hoi An, on Cua Dai Street (near Nam Quang Pagoda).  She usually sells bread in the late afternoon until the next morning, the shop is always crowded with customers coming in

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Tourists hardly know the existence of this small bread shop, however, Ms. Lanh bread has been in the hearts of Hoi An people since the 1990s. The price has long been the same, you It will only cost from 10-20,000 VND to enjoy this yummy dish.

The attraction and secret of keeping Lanh’s guests must be in the typical wet pate only available here. Having survived for the past 20 years, Mrs. Lanh’s bread has come into the hearts of Hoi An people in a simple and simple way thanks to the simple but special bread and the hospitality of the owner. 

Banh Mi Pho Co

Banh Mi Pho Co is located in the middle of Nguyen Cong Tru – Le Loi – Tran Hung Dao crossroads (Specific eating place: No. 2 Le Loi).

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According to connoisseurs in Hoi An, Banh Mi Pho Co has the requirements of a loaf of bread that is both simple and easy and the price is reasonable. The shop is opened all day and becomes the ideal address of many people choosing for a snack, recharge for every morning or after school or after working hours.

Like other Hoi An bread shops, Bnah Mi Pho Co is always kept hot on charcoal to ensure the crunchiness without being too hard. The many here is also very diverse and the processing is also special in the way of the people of Hoi An, instead of using cold meat, the highlight of Banh Mi Pho Co is the soft cooked meat, flavored with spices. Besides the delicious pate creating a unique flavor.

An important part of making a special bread is the hand-made butter from fresh chicken eggs and melted gold cooking oil on the tip of the tongue; fresh raw vegetables of Tra Que, papaya, sour melon, served with cucumber, add a little elegance to the dish; dotted with a few drops of a shiny, thick sauce made according to its own recipe.

Banh Mi Than

The bread shop Located at 227 Ly Thuong Kiet, in front of the Mobile World shop, Banh Mi Than is rarely visited by tourists, but there are still many locals who come to eat recently. 

The price of bread is very cheap, only 8-10k for a full loaf of rolls with silk and char siu, the sauce in the bread has a special sweetness, so you will want to come back to enjoy this bread. Besides the char siu meat bread, there are omelets, ham, pies, vegetarian bread, you can order more soya milk or corn milk. The price of bread and drink here is very cheap also.

Minh Thu roasted pork bread

The shop, located at 248 Ly Thuong Kiet, is a roast pork shop so that it is not surprising that it only sells one type of bread – roast pork bread – a delicious bread shop in Hoi An. 

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Roasted pork bread here is couldn’t be nicer. The meat is tender, the skin is crispy, the taste is nicely. When eating, you can enjoy the greasy, crunchy, chewy and freshness of the meat.

The delicacies here always keep the crunchy skin turned well, the meat is never ready to keep the crispness and deliciousness of each fiber. Often a hot, crispy, yellow bread, with golden pork skin, slices of pink and white flesh, fragrant, combined with the strong aroma of basil, some sweet and sour papaya fibers crunchy … I will feel like enjoying the king’s meal.


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